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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Is this Me???

I just took this aura test... very interesting what they can determine about someone by their answers to 98 questions!
So, for those of you who know me... what do you think? Is this me??

Nurturing Tans are the pillars of their community. They are helpers, volunteers, believers in brotherhood, dedicated, tenacious, service-oriented, unselfish, self-effacing, communicative and mental.

Nurturing Tans are another of the Eclipse Colors in the Personality Spectrums system. The color closest to their body is Mental Tan. Outside the Mental Tan and completely encircling their body is a band of Blue. These two colors combine many of the characteristics of both the Mental Family of colors and the Emotional/Spiritual Family of colors. However, a Nurturing Tan has a distinctly different motivation from either of these two colors alone, with personality and character traits unique to this color.

The driving force of the Nurturing Tans, the mission that gives their lives meaning, is the concept of brotherhood. They demonstrate their commitment to this mission by rendering service to the family, the neighborhood, the city, the nation, or the world. They put the needs of others before their own, teaching humanitarianism by example.

The lesson that Nurturing Tans need to learn is to identify and serve their own personal ego needs as well and to satisfy their own longings and desires in such a way as to make existence something worth living for. Nurturing Tans need to learn that it is acceptable to give something to themselves while serving others.

Here's more about me- according to the Aura Test... I have to say---- it's pretty darn close.
Nurturing Tan
Take the test yourself HERE.


  • At 4:15 PM, Anonymous Pam said…

    From the limited contact that I have had with you...the test nailed you! You are definitely a nuturing spirit. Besides, I am only attracted to nuturers. Is that a word? Oh well. About poor Lily, she looked like an unwilling accomplice to me! LOL....Pam


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