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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Reality Check!

Here we have my lovely works in progress. Hmmm… Do I have attention problems? Am I easily distracted? Or, am I just plain busy???

Any excuse I want to give is just not going to cut it… They’re not done and that’s that. They will be someday!

*Starting at the back left – we see a bag with it’s handles begging to be attached. This was a prototype for a large (non-felted) bag that will be sturdy and have a flat bottom- but not using my other technique. I plan to write a pattern for this one—and possibly put it up for sale. It’s made with two strands of Red Heart Super Saver and one strand of a baby weight yarn.
*In the middle… the purple bag is a continuation of my felting study--- handles not attached (or made) yet—but it’s 3 strands of Lite Lopi. I had to get it off the loom quickly to use the Yellow Loom for something else. (Insert distraction excuse here!)
*In the back Right, we have the black felted handbag (part of my study in felting wools) All I have to do for this one is add the crystal and take it’s picture with the other felted bags- What am I waiting for? Well, I was waiting for batteries for the camera--- but I got them now--- no excuse allowed!
*In the front, we see my lovely Easter project--- it’s a crocheted hot pad… but I ran out of yarn. I used more than one skein of Peaches and Cream Fiesta Ombre – and ran out on the border which holds it all together--- I have actually been to 3 stores looking for this color again—have to keep looking! And I need to make another one to go with it!
*On the loom, we see my mesh bag using Suzanne’s pattern. I’ve got the bottom done… ready to switch to the mock crochet stitch now! Hmmm... what’s the hold up--- Life!

The other day I decided to write myself a To Do list… and I filled a whole page with stuff I have to do for my jobs, my own business stuff and home life, as well as my looming!
So, I’m working through the list! But, it does feel good to cross those things off and know that they are out of the way!


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