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Friday, March 31, 2006

Big Tote Part 2

The After Shot!
If you recall, the big pillow in the background was in the bag in the pre-felted pic, along with it's mate! Now, the tote is still big... it measures 9 1/2" high with a base of 13" x 5". The pre-felted size was 15" tall with a base of 18" by 6".
This was made with 2 strands of Lite Lopi yarn. This was the messiest felting of any of the yarns I've tried so far. More little wool balls floating in the washer than I had seen before. (I have felted a bag comparable in size that I knitted with needles - it was made with Lamb's pride bulky. That was messy too--- but not nearly as much as this one!) After it was done felting, I rinsed it in the sink with warm water. Then, I put it back into the washer through the rinse and spin cycle- hoping to tone down the fuzzies a bit. It was still very hairy! Those little guys were sticking straight out - some as much as a couple of inches! So, I decided to put it in the dryer- still in the mesh bag. I was hoping this would help to buff them down a bit. It worked! The bag is definitely less fuzzy as a result!
I got this idea from my mom... she was telling me about a show she saw on HGTV where the woman 'buffed' the felted hat with a piece of regular vinyl in place of sandpaper on an electric sander. Now, this woman did raw wool felting from what I understand (didn't see the show myself) So, the process was completely different... but that's where I got the buffing idea!
So there you have it... I think this will be a great project bag... and boy do I have projects!


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