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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More Socks!!

YAY!!! My New Loom Came!!!
I wanted one of the EFG Sock Looms from DA Looms (they came out right after I bought my FG Sock loom- my luck!) But, I knew that Isela and Sam were in the process of moving and didn't want to order it right now and add more pressure on them. I have a bunch of sock yarn that are just begging to be made into socks... but it's a little thin for use with the FG Sock Loom.
But, as fate would have it...
My new buddy Tracey posted about her new 9" EFG Loom on her blog ... and the sock she made was a little small for her. So, we came to an arrangement and now, that little baby is mine!! The pegs are very tiny and the loom does take some getting used to. I started a sock on it last night... using Plymouth Yarns Wildflower DK (51% cotton 49% acrylic). I cast on using the cable cast on method as the Ribbed Sock pattern requests. To get the crochet hook through the loops, I had to use a 2mm crochet hook--- very tiny! The yarn is a little odd... it's got a loose twist and many strands. It reminds me of Embroidery Floss. I have to say that working in such a fine gauge on the loom is challenging... the KK hook just won't work with this loom. The point on the end of the hook is too thick to get a grip on the yarn. So, I used my handmade stilettos to pick the stitches. (Soon to be for sale on my website!) In my attempt to make this easier on myself, I tried to bend the point on my stilettos... well it worked for one (but the point came loose- so I had to glue it) I didn't have much luck bending the other two points on my stilettos--- they snapped right off!
So, in my journeys... I will be searching for some dental picks to use. In the meantime, I'm waiting for the glue to dry on the first one---I'm sure that one will work perfectly--- you can see it in the second picture... it's the one with the dark green/black handle. The aquamarine colored one is one that I broke! Remember- You can click any picture for a bigger image (and click again for an even closer view).

So, here we have both of my socks in progress sitting side by site--- Of course, my goal was to get the dark blue socks done before my new loom got here--- but that didn't happen... Tracey was too fast, and my life has been getting in the way of my looming. Oh, Also note in the second pic, the awesome little brightly colored rubber bands that Tracey sent to me with my loom... I love color--- and those are great for marking the pegs. These are normally used for by people with braces.


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  • At 5:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am dreaming of getting one of the sock looms and wondered if you could tell me whether the fine or extra fine is better in your opinion? and also where you find sock patterns for these as I don't want to invest in one only to find I can't find nice clear instructions. I'm pretty new to loom knitting so I'm afraid of buying one and then finding I don't manage to use it.

  • At 10:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I, too, am new to sock looms and knitting. I was so excited when my 64 peg sock loom arrived that I grabbed some Hobby Lobby Yarn Bee Featherwisp sock yarn.(it was on sale for $1.99) This was a big mistake. The yarn is so fine and fluffy that I could not see anything between the tiny pegs.I tried Patons Kroy sock yarn and the results were great. The only downfall is the cost. One skein ($4.99) makes only one sock.

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