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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Safari Adventure Results in Treasure Found!!!

Ok... so the adventure began yesterday. Just like every Wednesday, I taught my afternoon Quilting Class at The Quilting Circle (check out the site, I manage it!) :-). But, with the beautiful 70+ degree weather, the turn out for class was slim! My mom (who joins in the class) was there... and only one other student, so we finished up early. My oldest went to the zoo with his friend and my little one was hanging out with Pop Pop for the day! So, after class I was a free bird! My mom happened to hand me an ACMoore ad. Well, all the yarn was on sale for 25% off and there was a 40% off coupon calling my name in that ad. So... My adventure began... off I went to the great wild world of ACMoore!
Now, mind you... Denise Layman author of 'Learn to knit on Circle Looms' had a post on her blog a while back titled Safari . She challenged the world to find her book 'in the wild' and take a picture of it- in other words - in a retail store! This has been in my mind since I saw it... and for the past couple of weeks I've had my camera in my purse. I figured, hey, if I see it, I'll take a picture (plus you never know when you will need your camera anyway!) But, of course before heading to class, I took the camera out of my purse to lighten the load! I never thought I would find it before anyone else!
I'd been waiting to purchase the book til I saw it in a local store to avoid paying shipping. On Monday, I broke down and bought it from Karen's Crafts - I just couldn't wait any more! Karen e-mailed me that day that it was in the mail- she just made it to the post office before it closed on Monday! YAY! (trying to be patient!)
So anyway... while wandering the yarn aisles of ACMoore- I entered the 'tools' section and there it was amongst the looms and bags - Denise's Book! I was so excited... in a weird sort of way... I didn't have my camera to prove it... and I had already purchased it elsewhere... RATS!
So, anyway... when I got home, I e-mailed Denise... she said that I was the first to report it was in a store... and she declared me the winner! WooHoo.. The prize is something to be determined from her stash! But, I agreed to send her some pics... I know how exciting it must be to see your creation in a store for all the world to buy!
So, right after breakfast this morning, my trusty accomplice and I were off!

Meet Lily, my trusty accomplice!

(She understood winning and finding the treasure... but didn't quite understand that the prize wasn't in the store!)
But she loves ACMoore... they sell paint... her favorite thing!!!

And here we have it... the restless Treasure - begging to be brought home! Right there on the hook next to the KK looms, wonder looms and some project bags!
Treasure found!
The wild creature just begging to come home to a domestic enviroment - like your home!
If you are in the area... This image was taken at the ACMoore in Bensalem PA! Go get your copy before they are gone!

Honestly, I was a little shocked that ACMoore had it before Michael's--- I checked there on Monday! Michaels really pushes the KK looms... thought they would have the book first... but nope... ACMoore was the first!


  • At 1:44 AM, Blogger Kansas A. said…

    Excellent blog Crystal! Everyone's been talking about this "Knitting Wheel Fashions" by Leisure Arts book and I see it peeking out from behind Denise's "Learn to Knit on Circle Looms" book...Did you grab a copy too? :)

  • At 8:24 PM, Blogger Crystal Kini said…

    I didn't get that book... although I looked at it. I like the belt... but I don't think I need a pattern for that! :-) I think I can figure it out. Maybe I'll pick it up for my library (an possible reference).... but our shelves are over flowing - until we purge some of the old or get more shelves, I'm trying not to buy books... It's a constant struggle!! :-)


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