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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hair Sticks and Falls!

I came up with this cool idea... well, I think it's cool anyway! The concept goes like this... hair sticks that have dangles... but not only that (as if that's not cool enough!). The dangles from the hair sticks are interchangeable and stackable!
Well that's how Clippy Bits was born! They are jewelry for your hair! And, they are great for everyone!
Tribal-style bellydance is all about layers and Clippy Bits work great for dancers because they can be attached to different parts of the dancers costume, bras, belts, cholis and particularly hair sticks. You can have one or as many as 6 on some sticks stacked up for that really layered look. But, honestly - everyone likes them- and wears them- you don't have to be a dancer to love jewelry for your hair!
Here's a pic of two in my hair. I'm also making some hair sticks that are straight. I'll have to get more pictures of them soon. Every stick or set is different- since I love celestial stuff, that's the style I wore for the pic!

I've also been pretty busy working on hair falls. These are dangles that hang down from your hair. But, these too can be attached to other parts of a costume- especially belts.
Here's a couple of pictures of some hair falls I've made recently. These are selling as fast as I can make them!


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