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Friday, October 20, 2006

Fun, Fuzzy and Funky Handbag!

This bag was fun to make and it sure is funky! I hand knit it on size 17 needles and used Lion Brand's Big Yarn. It took two skeins- right to the
end! I also used fun fur and Red Heart worsted weight acrylic yarn.
The handle is finger crocheted- using no hook.
The clasp is made with the end yarn from the
handles. I fed the yarn through the top stitches
and knotted them in the middle.
Then, for the clasp side, I tied another knot a few inches down the strands and crocheted the fun fur around the loop it made. For the other side, I strung some hand made glass beads on the two strands of yarn and knotted again. I brushed the yarn out so it looks like a little tassle.

The little cell phone bag was made by crocheting the Worsted weight yarn and the fun fur held together. I started with sc around the first couple of rows... the dch a few more rows. It's attached with the extra yarn from the seams on the side of the big bag and then I used a single macrame knot to make the cell bag strap more sturdy and decorative! Now, the cell phone won't get lost in the bottom of the bag!

Oh and I almost forgot! I lined the bag with 100% cotton quilting fabric... it is fused into the bag with Heat and Bond Heavy fusible web. This makes the bag very sturdy and stable.

I didn't use a pattern for this bag... just made two pieces with a gusseted bottom and sewed it together!

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Remember, you can always click the pics to see closer versions!


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