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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Finally Done! Blue and rainbow knit handbag with attached cell bag

YAY! I finished it! If you look back into my archives you'll notice that this bag was on the incomplete list back here... Reality Check
Well, it's done now! And I LIKE it! I knit this on the yellow KK loom with 3 strands held together. I made handles for it, crocheted an edge on the top and when I went to finish it, I didn't like it... so I took it off!
The other day- I decided it sat in the 'to do' pile too long! I removed parts mentioned above and added lining, by fusing fabric to the inside of the bag... this made it nice and sturdy (no more floppy knit bags)! Then, I crocheted an edge around the top and made the handles again... but I didn't stop there!

If you look at my second pic, you'll see, I crocheted a small cell phone bag and a strap for a key ring. I am always losing my cell phone in my hand bag- when I find it, the people have been sent to my voice mail.

Hmmm... maybe I should make one of those for myself! Well, anyway, I created the pattern for this bag- it's got a flat bottom, but not the same method as my previous bags. This one is sewn on the sides.
I'm working on some patterns that will be for sale... so keep your eyes open!

In the meantime, this bag is for sale along with some other things that I have made... check out my items for sale at my Etsy store...
Remember, you can always click the images to see them larger!


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