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Friday, November 03, 2006

Wrist Warmer- Fingerless Glove-Too Big

Here we have my first attempt to make some wrist warmers! I felt inspired by Kansas' pattern to make some. Her pattern is a little different. But, she and I chatted a bit about how she made hers and I ran with a bind off and cast on for the thumb hole. Here's the scoop...
I used my Small Gauge WonderLoom from DA Looms. (I have to admit, I was on the first shipment list for these months ago - and this is the first time I used it)
First, let me say, I absolutely love this loom! This the first loom from them that I got that has the nylon pegs... they rock! They're flexible and yet sturdy. Doing the flat stitch on it was a dream!
I used Lion Brand Jiffy for these guys... and I only needed one strand for this gauge- always a plus! I'm loving it.
So, this was the first one that I made... I used 30 pegs and it is a little big.
I'm not skinny- that is for sure, but my wrist is 6 1/4" around and my hand is 7 1/2" around- just to give you reference. I just think that it's a little looser than I wanted... it fits, and it's not coming off... but I wanted it a little more close fitting. Since my wrists are probably the skinniest part of my body, I wanted the least amount of bulk as possible. But, if you have larger hands or wrists than I do, I'd say defininely go with the 30 pegs!

OK... I'm going to put the pattern in the next post... this one is getting a bit long!
Happy Looming!


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