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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Latest Things- Bellydance!

So, this is what I've been up to!
The first two items- bracelet and belt are not made by me, but by the Kuchi Tribes of the Middle East. I'm selling these in conjunction with my own handmade bellydance items!

All the other pics are things that I am making and selling on my website and also I'm selling at area haflas or bellydance events in the general area. It's very fun and exciting. Some of my items have influences from designs I've seen on dancers or through studies of the traditional Middle Eastern dance outfits. I haven't used anyone else's patterns for any of the items that I make. First is a lace-up belt... it's reversible! It's green on the other side. I have heard many people say they want to wear theirs over jeans or gaucho pants! Don't have to be a bellydancer even! Second, are zil covers, or zil mufflers. Put these on your finger cymbols for storage or for practice. With these on, you can practice zill drills for hours, and the neighbors won't complain! Third, is a long skirt that is worn over a pair of harem pants or tiered skirt. It's a great accent - this one is a long version... but I have some shorter ones too! Last, is my latest venture... cowry and coin hair falls! I really like the way these turned out! They have a base of yarn and are wrapped in a spiral pattern with embroidery floss and crochet cotton. They have accents of beads, cowrie shells and kuchi coins- I can't wait to design another set... they are so much fun and remind me of my youth! We used to use a similar technique to make hair wraps. I have to admit though- they take forever to make. Each one must have 750 knots holding them together! Great project to do while watching tv!


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