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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dear Readers...

Dear Crystal's World Readers,

Thanks for checking out my blog. Please feel free to look around and see what you can see! There are lots of links within my blog entries... so don't forget to check them out. (Anything that is underlined is a link to another site- probably something related to the subject at hand). To all of you other bloggers and website hosts who link to me, please don't be offended that I haven't added you to my links. It's just a chore I haven't gotten to yet- and frankly, I just hate to play with html.

Just an FYI- My pictures are all clickable - you can really get a close up of some of the projects when you click it. Then, you can usually make it even bigger if you click it again! Please don't mind the threads and dust when you get really close up! ;-)

I want to let everyone know that I really like getting feedback about my blog and especially about my projects. Sometimes people e-mail me with questions about a project --- and it seems everyone wants to apologize - please don't! I'm always happy to answer questions... but I warn you I can be a bit long winded--- so you might get more info than you asked for! So, long story short, ask away! And, if you have suggestions, or just want to show me what you've done with my pattern, or idea, please share that too. I absolutely love to see the way that things evolve!

Thanks for checking things out here!
PS... Don't you just love the knitting smiley? :-)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Wrist Warmer-Fingerless Glove Pattern- Just Right!

Here's the one that fits me!
The pattern is the same as the previous post... I just used less pegs on this one!
Again, let me give credit to Kansas for her inspiration - and input!

I used the Small Gauge WonderLoom from Decor Accents and worked in the round. For this wrist warmer, I used 28 pegs. This is Lion Brand Jiffy- notice the way this one knitted up differently than the last one- it's from the same skein- but the different # of pegs gave different look to the stripes.

Here's the pattern...

Crystal's Wrist Warmers Pattern!

NOTE: I used the Flat Stitch for all Knit stitches in this pattern (not E-wrap stitch)

Cast on 28 peg using the Cable Cast on Method (video available here at DA Looms) This gives a nice non-loopy start.
Row 1-5 rib stitch on all pegs (Purl 1, Knit 1)
Row 6-15 knit all pegs
Row 16 bind off first 4 pegs with crochet bind off method place the last crocheted loop onto peg 5. Knit remainder of row
Row 17 Cast on first 4 pegs with cable cast on method. Pulling the last loop onto the 5th peg, knit off those stitches then bring the working yarn back to the front and continue knitting in flat stitch for the remainder of the row.
Row 18- 53 knit (25 rows)
Row 54-59 rib stitching (P1,K1)
Bind off with crochet method.

You are finished! Enjoy!
Now, since I only made one of each size... the decision is... Do I make another one of each- or take the larger one apart? Hmmm... the dilemna!

Please note, this pattern is copywritten... so please don't claim it as your own. You are welcome to use it for yourself or gifts, and you can even link to it here. Please don't sell my pattern as your own, or copy it to your website without permission. Thanks again to Kansas - check out her pattern here!

Wrist Warmer- Fingerless Glove-Too Big

Here we have my first attempt to make some wrist warmers! I felt inspired by Kansas' pattern to make some. Her pattern is a little different. But, she and I chatted a bit about how she made hers and I ran with a bind off and cast on for the thumb hole. Here's the scoop...
I used my Small Gauge WonderLoom from DA Looms. (I have to admit, I was on the first shipment list for these months ago - and this is the first time I used it)
First, let me say, I absolutely love this loom! This the first loom from them that I got that has the nylon pegs... they rock! They're flexible and yet sturdy. Doing the flat stitch on it was a dream!
I used Lion Brand Jiffy for these guys... and I only needed one strand for this gauge- always a plus! I'm loving it.
So, this was the first one that I made... I used 30 pegs and it is a little big.
I'm not skinny- that is for sure, but my wrist is 6 1/4" around and my hand is 7 1/2" around- just to give you reference. I just think that it's a little looser than I wanted... it fits, and it's not coming off... but I wanted it a little more close fitting. Since my wrists are probably the skinniest part of my body, I wanted the least amount of bulk as possible. But, if you have larger hands or wrists than I do, I'd say defininely go with the 30 pegs!

OK... I'm going to put the pattern in the next post... this one is getting a bit long!
Happy Looming!